Engineering engine manufacturing head "on wood shares" why choose us?
Column:FUDAO news Time:2018-04-28
Before cooperating with Shanghai fukushima chemical technology development co., LTD., branch 114 of Shanghai diesel engine co., LTD., there was serious oil leakage in the centralized liquid supply system (200T) and single-machine liquid supply, which led to the deodorization of cutting fluid, decreased processing performance and short liquid exchange cycle, and kept the manufacturing cost high. As the problem of oil leakage cannot be eliminated, the cutting fluid of C company, a well-known international manufacturer of cutting fluid, is smelly and has short liquid replacement cycle. To solve this problem, shangchai company has been looking for a suitable supplier, but no obvious progress has been made.

After the cooperation with the fukushima chemical industry, the recommended cutting fluid fd-30 has a remarkable ability to resist impurities, and the odor phenomenon of cutting fluid has been significantly improved. After long-term cooperation, we have a deeper understanding of the quality of cutting fluid fd-30. In August 2011, in the bidding for three-year outsourcing of cutting fluid service in the 114 branch of Shanghai diesel engine co., LTD., fukushima chemical won the bidding among numerous well-known cutting fluid suppliers.

By cutting fluid service outsourcing, fukushima chemical cutting fluids, cleaning agents, anti-rust oil and filter paper and other consumables used for liquid concentrate and system and single daily run into chemical integration management (FCM), central recirculation system of working liquid three years contract use, changed the past less than a year after cutting fluid stunk, processing performance will need to change the status quo of liquor and waste liquid treatment costs are dramatically reduced, so as to maximize reduce engine manufacturing cost (see attachment).

Annex: centralized liquid supply system (200T, three-year service period)


C brand cutting fluid

FD - 30 cutting fluid

The ratio of

1 l, 20 l

1 l, 20 l

Cost of liquor

200,000 liters *5%*35 yuan/liter =350,000 yuan

200,000 litres *5%* $30 / litre = $300,000

Total liquid cost

350,000 yuan/year *3 years =1,050,000 yuan

300000 yuan

Waste liquor treatment costs

200 tons *3*2000 yuan/ton =1,200,000 yuan

200 tons *1*2000 yuan/ton =400,000 yuan

The total cost

$1,050,000 + $1,200,000 = $2,250,000

300,000 yuan +400,000 yuan =700,000 yuan

Cost savings

2,250,000 yuan - 700,000 yuan =1,550,000 yuan

Fukushima after the expiration of the contract in August 2014, on the chemical and wood stake to renew the contract, continue to cooperate hand in hand, on August 23, 2014 to August 27 for hydraulic system and concentrate on single machine for effluent discharge, the central tank and the single chip and sludge cleaning, clean, rinse, working liquid with liquid, commissioning and operation, to achieve operation technical indicators, through the wood is acceptance.

Oil machine tool cutting fluid stunk, thereby resulting in a decline in processing performance, the use of cycle shortening is the common problem of engine manufacturing industry, fukushima chemical cutting fluid FD - 30 in the wood is successful to solve such problems, and to achieve set for three years is not stable operation of working liquid fluid system, and through the integration of chemical management (FCM), maximize reduce engine manufacturing cost.