The oil industry breakthrough development industry chain integration into the key
Column:Industry news Time:2018-04-28
The 14th Shanghai auto show officially kicked off on April 21. In this auto show, the eye-catching performance of domestic and foreign auto manufacturers not only attracted the attention from the world, but also raised the expectations of all sectors of society for automobiles and related industries. In recent years, the booming Chinese auto market not only drives the rapid development of the auto industry, but also brings the opportunity of breakthrough development to related industries such as lubricants. Data show that in 2010, the production and sales volume of China's automobile industry surpassed that of Japan and the United States and became the first in the world. In 2010, China's lubricating oil market developed rapidly and the apparent consumption reached 1,0813,000 tons, with a year-on-year growth of 13.1%, ranking the second in the world.

For the oil industry, in today's booming automobile industry, how to integrate the advantages of industrial chain, break through the tight encirclement in the increasingly homogeneous petrochemical market competition, and seize the market heights has become a profound problem for national brands.