In 2013, the oil industry launched refined competition to stimulate potential
Column:Industry news Time:2018-04-28
Back in 2012 the oil industry, macro economic slowdown, stability, lubricating oil demand trends, industry base oil supply and demand pattern is broken, at the same time the needs of customers to the costliness, personal development, a variety of phenomena show that lubricating oil in the development of enterprises has reached a new "crossroads", high-speed economic growth as development dividend from the oil industry is increasingly weakened, or even disappear. How to seize opportunities and follow the trend in the context of industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading is not only a problem for an enterprise, but also a choice facing an industry.

According to the development potential Suggestions and in-depth survey forecast report of China's lubricant industry 2013-2017 by China research & development institute, the output of the national lubricant was 7729,000 tons from January to November 2012, up 0.43% year-on-year. While the full year is yet to be released, the year-over-year total is expected to grow much less than expected at the start of the year, almost unchanged from the previous year. According to the expert analysis in the industry, the output of lubricants does not equal consumption. The analysis of the oil demand in 2012 has become the main theme of the oil market. The year starts smoothly from January to march, and declines from April to July. Although there is a slight increase from August to November, the planned "peak season" is still not achieved.

In 2012, the actual consumption of lubricants in China was about 7.1 million tons, which was basically flat compared with the previous year. In 2012, the market size of vehicle oil increased slightly, but industrial lubricants decreased slightly due to the impact of related industries.

Future lubricating oil industry competition will gradually instead of the low price competition, which in turn into a product and the brand competition, customer demand gradually to customization and intensification, brought lube oil enterprises technical service ability of new challenges, the enterprise must around the needs of customers, carrying out strategic cooperation with the auto industry, industrial customers, will help the lube oil enterprises to further improve its service ability, better meet the customized needs of customers. On the product level, "delicacy competition" requires enterprises to adjust the original extensive product line. Enterprises can re-package and combine products from multiple perspectives such as industry, usage and customer type, according to their own market characteristics.

According to the research, the potential for the development of China's oil industry in 2013-2017 and the depth of investigation and forecast report shows, with the speeding up of the domestic economic structure transformation and the development of auto industry, specialization, differentiation requirements of lubricating oil more apparent, operation mode, the channel capacity of oil brand and control process of higher requirements are put forward. Against the background of increasingly fierce market competition, the professional, short channel and product-product-oriented management mode in the construction of lubricating oil will become one of the core of "refined competition", which will help to discard the disadvantages brought by traditional hierarchical distribution and stimulate the value and potential of the channel system.