Capital and brand game, look at the key points of private enterprises breaking through encirclement
Column:Industry news Time:2018-04-28
In recent years, along with the development of market economy, China's private enterprises gradually increased number, large scale, the demand for money is becoming more and more urgent, especially along with the development of Chinese auto industry, after the extension of the industry chain to form the size of the market "after" car, car decoration, car maintenance, car finance the emergence of various brands, such as automobile industry chain is perfect. Based on China's current overall automobile industry chain, "auto aftermarket" is a cake that has not been cut into pattern and is also a gathering place for private enterprises. There are opportunities to fight, while the market of well-known brands and the pattern of unclear, and most private enterprises do not have brand management, financing difficulties have a direct relationship. The market pattern of "two barrels of oil" owned by the state and "western powers" outside has doomed the development of private lubricants enterprises to go through a long game between capital and market.

"What private enterprises always lack is money" reflects the operating status of most private manufacturing companies. For many private manufacturing enterprises, the capital demand is not only the expansion demand, but also the basic guarantee of survival in the test of market economy. For the struggling lube private sector, it is not only necessary for capital to expand, but also for capital to build brands and carry out refined reforms.

Lack of money will inevitably go to find money, the larger private companies will consider the "capital operation", and the capital operation path, not so easy. As we all know, more than 50% of the capital sources of most private enterprises rely on bank loans and take the form of mortgage, guarantee or credit. On a visit to a boss of a lubricants company, he says financing is difficult. And why financing difficulty is mainly restricted by two aspects: first, it is difficult to establish long-term financing channels, and it is impossible to take short-term loans through multiple turnover methods. A company with dozens of financial staff, every day around the run payment days, any mistake will be due to capital turnover suffering and face collapse. Secondly, there is a long way to go for listing financing. The entry threshold of domestic capital market is high. As a result, informal financing is still an important source of funds, "running around payment days", "the collapse of a group of guarantee companies will inevitably dig the grave for many private enterprises", which is why many people's entrepreneurial dreams will come to an abrupt end in the economic downturn.

So why is capital operation limited, lube people still insist on brand development? This seems contradictory. This is because everybody knows "lubricants industry, no brand, no way out". Considering from the perspective of consumers and the market, choose a bucket of car maintenance products with retail price around 400 yuan and travel 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers. "brand" and "quality" are the primary considerations, and the brand value is the iron plough that becomes the development capital. In this field, there are thousands of private enterprises, except for a few that have scale, most of them are still in the primitive market pioneer stage. The concept of brand development, brand value and brand capital has gradually penetrated into the business awareness of enterprises. From the recent trademark disputes of well-known lubricating oil enterprises, we can see how much they value brands.

From December 2012, two barrels "lubricating oil" of private enterprises for alleged trademark infringement on the scandal, the municipal administration of the central plains in henan province "doubles" action (the key to crack down on trademark infringement), xuchang, henan dongfeng lubricants and nanning, guangxi yuchai machinery for special "yuchai" four word caused a trademark infringement dispute, yuchai dongfeng lubricants violate its trademark, using a "chip" damage the interests of the market. Events through the authors television news media after the exposure, the ministry of commerce and industry was carried out to dongfeng lubricants headquarters is located in xuchang forensics, seized packaging has a special "yuchai" at the scene of a large number of inventory, including marked "dedicated" yuchai lubricant, 61, 292 barrels of oil, packing in 215 215 bales, lubricant oil can. On the other hand, yuchai claims that it has never authorized dongfeng lubricant to be the supplier or partner of the enterprise, and that the "yuchai special" products sold by dongfeng lubricant in the market have caused economic losses to the enterprise with low price and consumer brand association. Whether the claim is true or not, and what the outcome of the case will be in court, the outcome of the matter is not yet clear.

The above shows that the automotive aftermarket, especially the maintenance of the fierce fighting. The private enterprises that first step onto the brand development trend already have a strong brand awareness, and the awareness of market share, product competition, brand value is gradually clear, regardless of who has violated who's fundamental interests, the market competition is in full swing. The practice of dongfeng lubricant can only be described as one of its market strategy choices or the product development concept of its enterprises. When asked why they use the word "yuchai only" to package their products, the person in charge replied "unclear". The authorities have not yet given a clear answer as to whether there is unfair competition.

It can be concluded from the analysis that for private lubricants enterprises seeking capital operation and market development, the upstream development needs to be limited, the breakthrough needs the capital and brand promotion, and the long march is just beginning. In the current market environment, the restriction of "resources" has not been broken, and it is the firm principle to do a good job in product development, deep cultivation of the market, and step by step steadiness in judging the situation. In the capital operation and brand building in the integrity of development, with a scientific and standardized product development process, to obtain capital, nurturing the brand. The key to the survival and breakthrough of the private enterprises of lube oil is to improve the management concept of enterprises and to shape the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Private lubricants enterprises need to fight hard, need to play a good capital and brand game this chess.