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    Asia international powertrain 2014 advocates new industrial development
    Column:Industry news Time:2018-04-28
    Asia international power transmission and control technology exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Asia international power transmission show"), the second largest annual industrial event in the power transmission field in Asia and the second largest in the world, will be held in Shanghai new international expo center from October 27 to 30, 2014. With the theme of "intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection", this exhibition gathers domestic and overseas exhibitors from China, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan and other countries and regions to present their art together. With the launch of new products, industrial 4.0 industry is integrated and developed.

    "As of may this year, the investment attraction work of the Asia international power transmission exhibition is approaching a smooth end," said yu fu, general manager of the organizer Hanover milan exhibition (China) co., LTD. All the major exhibitors were very enthusiastic, and the exhibition once again showed a good situation of full capacity. Well-known industrial giants such as Siemens, ABB, SKF, novo, bonfil, lunz, enford, daikin and greco are still present as scheduled. Compared with the previous single year, many enterprises will show their latest products for the first time, and the scale of the exhibition stands will keep increasing. According to most exhibitors, the brand effect of the Asia international power transmission show is deepening and the value of the industry is increasing. At the same time, a new wave of technological innovation, represented by intelligent manufacturing, information network, new energy and new materials, is emerging around the world, with an increasingly profound impact on industrial development. Therefore, the Asia international power transmission exhibition will be the first time for enterprises to display products and technology, access to exchange and trade strong drive.

    As a Turkish enterprise that has visited the Asian international power transmission exhibition for many years, it will also participate in the exhibition this year. For the first time, it will land in the exhibition area of more than 1,000 square meters and compete with the international exhibition teams of Germany, Italy, South Korea, China and Taiwan and other countries.

    In terms of market promotion, the organizer will further expand the application industry audience invitation. With the globalization of product applications in the field of power transmission, the exhibition will organize buyers to attend the conference especially for the fields of petrochemical industry, mining machinery, rail transit, engineering machinery, food and medicine, automobile manufacturing and electric power. Given the signing of the china-russia east-route natural gas cooperation agreement at the cica summit, as well as the proposed development of rail transit to ease congestion and other problems in China since 2014, there will be a significant increase in the demand for gas transmission pipelines, rail transit and other infrastructure construction across the country and beyond, according to fu yu. He believes that the international power transmission show in Asia will be the best choice for national key industries to seek product technology and solutions. The exhibition will also hold several professional BBS at the same time, to deeply examine the current situation and prospects of the industry.

    2014 ASIA international power transmission exhibition by the Chinese hydraulic pneumatic seal industry association, the China national machinery general parts industry association, Germany hannover exhibition companies and Hanover milan exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD. Jointly organized with the same period of 2014 Shanghai international compressor and equipment exhibition (ComVac ASIA) will occupy more than 80000 square meters.